Internal rules of hotel

Check-in: from 15:00  p.m
Check-out: until
11:00 a.m

Payment options

  • The hotel bill must be paid before check-in or at check-in. 
  • Bank Transfer Credit card (American Express, Visa, Euro/Mastercard, Diners Club, Maestro, Discover)
  • Cash in EUR.

Making a booking

Cancellation of booking

  • Free booking cancellation - 30 days before the reservation date. 
  • If the booking is canceled later than 30 days before the reservation date - 50% of the booking amount is returned. 
  • If you do not arrive at the hotel on the booking date - the paid booking amount is not returned (in the amount of 100%).


Smoking is NOT allowed in the hotel premises and rooms. The penalty for smoking in an unauthorized place is 200 EUR/per person.


A small and medium-sized (pet weighing no more than 5 kg) is allowed to stay in the hotel free of charge, upon prior agreement with the hotel administration. The guest bears full material responsibility for the damage caused to the hotel equipment by the animal belonging to the guest or taken with him, as well as for the animal making noise and disturbing the peace of the other hotel guests.


Wireless WiFi internet is available throughout the hotel - free of charge. Ask the hotel staff for access passwords.

Processing of personal data

LTD CIMO / Hotel MEŅĢELES PIENOTAVA, in accordance with the data protection requirements of natural persons, performs the following processing of personal data:
1. performing video surveillance in the hotel's public spaces and territory,
for the prevention or detection of criminal offenses in connection with the protection of hotel property and the protection of vital interests of persons, including life and health. Manager - SIA CIMO, contact information [email protected]
2. upon receipt of personal data submitted in guest questionnaires, the data is processed for the purpose of providing hotel service, keeping hotel records, receiving payments from Guests for the use of services, preparing reports and statistics.

3. Ensuring confidentiality: the hotel guarantees not to use the client's personal data for any other purpose than for the hotel's records, reports, statistics, internal needs and
do not pass them on to third parties.

Prices include VAT

The rules of the internal procedure are binding on all guests of the Hotel MEŅĢELES PIENOTAVA, regardless of age. The rules determine the order in which Hotel services are provided to guests, determine safety, hygiene and other requirements that must be met.

Before visiting the Hotel, guests carefully read and familiarize themselves with the Internal Rules and Regulations undertakes to comply with them while using the services. The internal rules of procedure have been developed in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia. The rules of the internal procedure are posted in the Hotel MEŅĢELES PIENOTAVA and published on the website

By starting the use of the Service, the guests confirm by their actions that they are familiar with the internal rules of procedure and undertake to comply with them.

In order to register at the hotel, the guest whose name the reservation was made upon the hotel's request must present a valid passport or identification card, as well as a valid credit / debit card of the guest, to guarantee the payment of possible additional services. If the guest does not agree to present a credit card, the guest must pay a security deposit of EUR 200.00, in addition to guaranteeing the payment of services.

ONLY guests who have made a reservation and are included in the hotel reservation are allowed to stay in the hotel premises. For each ADDITIONAL guest who stayed in the hotel after 22:00, a fee of 20.00 EUR is charged.

It is forbidden to damage the hotel's inventory. If you find damage to the inventory in the room upon arrival, please report it to the hotel administration to avoid misunderstandings. For damage caused by the fault of the guest, payment is deducted according to the extent of the damage.

It is forbidden to burn candles, magic candles, etc. in hotel rooms. burning objects. It is forbidden to bring and store non-flammable objects and substances in the hotel. It is forbidden to use strong aromatic items, such as incense, etc.

The hotel staff has the right to refuse to serve a client who is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. In that case, the money for the reserved and paid services is not returned.

The hotel is not responsible for guests' belongings left unattended.

Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

The hotel administration reserves the right to refuse hotel services without returning the money paid for the room and the deposited security deposit for non-compliance with these Internal Rules.